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By Edward Wagenknecht

ISBN-10: 0870233505

ISBN-13: 9780870233500

Describes American lifestyles, actions, faith, schooling, paintings, and activity in the course of Theodore Roosevelt's management, and comprises profiles of famous americans who formed the last decade.

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Foreign investments and interests were increasing, and the newly organized National Association of Manufacturers was busy promoting exports. The United States Treasury had a surplus in excess of 46 million dollars. There were no income taxes, and business practices were virtually unregulated. In theory, businessmen believed in unregulated competition, but in practice they were forever using "pools" and other devices to force their competitors out. Businesses that operated on the owner's own capital were managed quite at his discretion, and though stock market manipulations were increasing steadily in importance, minority stockholders were still often quite uninformed concerning policies and operations.

Though he was not the first reform governor (Roosevelt had been one in New York), he was the most successful, and his success not only lived after him in Wisconsin but inspired similar action elsewhere. In 1902 Oregon adopted the initiative and the referendum. For various reasons, including lack of support from the immigrants and fear of radical labor, reform movements often languished both in the East and in the Far West, but Hiram Johnson triumphed in California, and in Page 9 1905 Charles Evans Hughes became governor of New York after his magnificent exposure of life insurance abuses.

With the younger children, all except Ethel boys, his relations were very close. "You must always remember," said Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, "that the President is about six," and Mrs. " He manifested no eagerness to hurry his offspring out of their childhood; the boys took an array of stuffed animals to bed with them long after most fathers would have thought they should have outgrown such nonsense and kissed him good-night when they were at home together as long as he lived. He loved Little Women as much as any girl ever did, and he read children's books and popular women's magazines with the same zest that he read everything else.

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