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By Pamela Rice Hahn

ISBN-10: 0028638999

ISBN-13: 9780028638997

Provides simple ideas of grammar and sentence building, indicates the right kind use of punctuation, and discusses variety, learn, and modifying.

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What is it called when similar forms of words are linked together in a sentence? a. onomatopoeia b. subject positioning c. parallel construction d. run-on sentence ANSWERS 1. b 6. d 2. a 7. a 3. d 8. b 4. d 9. b 5. b 10. c RECAP This Hour covered basic sentence structures. You should now understand what sentences are and how to avoid common problems in using them. Now that you know all about sentences, let’s begin learning about more specific parts of grammar by moving on to nouns in the next hour.

Sentence fragment c. compound sentence d. complex sentence QUIZ HOUR’S UP! 32 Hour 2 2. What sort of sentence makes a command or request? a. imperative b. declarative c. subject d. predicate 3. What contains both a subject and a verb? a. independent clause b. subordinate clause c. main clause d. a and c 4. What is created when subjects are combined within a sentence? a. simple subject b. complex subject c. complete predicate d. compound subject 5. What type of sentence has two or more main clauses joined by a coor- dinating conjunction or a semicolon?

Assonance is sometimes used as an alternative to rhyme in verse. g. Sighing silent cries, Viola divides her prize. CLICHÉS A cliché is a phrase, saying, or term that has become dated and, due to overuse, lacks the creativity that makes language interesting. A cliché is sometimes referred to as a hackneyed expression, but the adjective “hackneyed” is almost a cliché itself. g. Trish was as mad as an old wet hen. The group of men stood around flapping their jaws. COLLOQUIALISMS Colloquialisms are short-lived fad or slang sayings that are best avoided in formal English usage because they can date the speaker or a piece of writing.

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