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Download Alaska Science Nuggets (Natural History) by Neil Davis PDF

By Neil Davis

ISBN-10: 0912006382

ISBN-13: 9780912006383

Do iceworms devour ice?  are you able to pay attention the aurora?  How does mosquito repellent work?  Why are Alaskan volcanoes lightly spaced alongside the coast?  Is it attainable for decent water to freeze speedier than chilly water?  the place are Alaska's greater than a hundred twenty five scorching springs?  Why are northern twilights so long?  Do glaciers slide or do they flow?  Why do snowflakes flutter as they fall? In Alaska technology Nuggets, Neil Davis solutions those and lots of different interesting questions within the wonderful and informative variety that makes him one in every of Alaska's favourite technology writers.  This compendium of approximately four hundred articles, together with articles via different individuals to a technology column carried by means of numerous Alaska newspapers, discusses phenomena as assorted because the northern lighting fixtures, permafrost, glaciers, meteorology, volcanoes, earthquakes, archaeology, Alaskan crops, mammoths, early people, and northern living. Tourists and long-time Alaskans alike have made this much-loved ebook a bestseller for years.  Alaska technological know-how Nuggets is a smart reference or reward for a person attracted to the outstanding average heritage of the North.

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That glow is caused by the atoms and molecules being struck by charged particles, mostly electrons and protons, that originated on the sun. These particles stream out from the sun and normally are guided by the earth's magnetic field into the polar regions where they enter the atmosphere and make it glow. The proper name for the aurora of the Southern Hemisphere is the aurora australis. Together the aurora australis and the aurora borealis are known as the aurora polaris. Nowadays the simple name aurora is mostly used, as is the name Northern Lights.

So far, no one has any concept of how the auroral currents could be harnessed for useful purpose. In fact, as far as the works of man are concerned, the intense currents are more harmful than helpful. Though the auroral electrojets are high above our heads, they do induce similar currents in the conducting earth beneath our feet, and in other conductors such as electrical transmission lines and metal pipelines. Like the aurora, the auroral electrojets change rapidly with time. The strongest currents may last only a few minutes, and much of the time they are quite weak.

They continuously boil off the sun's surface and speed outward in all directions, to distances well beyond the earth. Compared to the number of air molecules at the earth's surface, the number of particles in a unit volume of the solar wind is tiny, in fact, more than a billion billion times less. The density of particles in the wind is only about one per cubic centimeter, a density considered on earth to be an excellent vacuum. Even though the solar wind has so few particles per unit volume, the wind has a profound effect upon the earth, especially at high latitudes.

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