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By Martin Hewings

ISBN-10: 0521498694

ISBN-13: 9780521498692

Complex Grammar in Use includes one hundred twenty devices of grammar clarification and perform workouts. The publication offers assurance of these language components advanced-level scholars will locate such a lot worthwhile to review. The publication keeps the readability of presentation of different books within the 'in Use' relatives. Two-page devices current grammar rationalization and examples, together with average pupil errors, on left-hand pages, and invaluable and sundry perform on right-hand pages. additional perform workouts in the back of the booklet offer extra demanding and contrastive perform of grammar issues from diversified devices. There are worthy appendices facing verb types, and a thesaurus. Grammar components are cross-referenced during the e-book.

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1 If possible, complete the sentences with either will or would followed by the bare infinitive form of the verb in brackets. If it is not possible to use will or would, write only the verb in brackets in the past simple. *$*£$.. talking in her sleep. It's very annoying, (start) As soon as he woke up he things ready for breakfast, (get) He work in 1963 as an assistant to the managing director, (begin) After I read about the place in a magazine, I to visit Madagascar myself, (want) When I was younger I hours just kicking a ball around the garden, (spend) Even when it's freezing cold, some people just jeans and a T-shirt, (wear) When I was at school all the children in silence when the teacher came into the room, (stand up) Everywhere she went, people her name and ask for her autograph, (call out) Jack three days ago from a holiday in France, (return) 1 usually get up late, so most mornings, I just a cup of tea for breakfast, (have) There's a boy in my maths class who the most ridiculous questions, (ask) She all her closest friends and relatives to her 50th birthday party last summer.

We use be able to, not can or could, if the idea we want to express needs a to-infinitive, an -ing form, or a perfect tense, or if it follows another modal verb: • We were very lucky to be able to live in the country during our childhood. • It was awful, not being able to see you for so long. • Since he left, none of the other team members have been able to match his enthusiasm. • We may be able to move some of the staff to a different department. a • We use will be able to, not can, to say that something will be possible in the future: • If the snow carries on like this, very few people will be able to get to the concert.

A and Units 12, 13 & 14) 1 He decided that next day he would fly I was going to fly to Alabama. 2 She was made redundant last week, but I think she would resign I was going to resign in any case. 3 When she heard I was going to move I was moving to Oslo, she looked quite upset. 4 She could see that the boy was going to jump I was jumping off the wall, but there was nothing she could do about it. 5 I thought they would be leaving I were leaving tomorrow. Now it seems they'll be with us until Thursday.

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