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Download Adipose Tissue Biology by Christian Dani, Nathalie Billon (auth.), Michael E. Symonds PDF

By Christian Dani, Nathalie Billon (auth.), Michael E. Symonds (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461409640

ISBN-13: 9781461409649

This booklet is designed to supply a entire perception into present views and demanding situations in adipose tissue biology. In <i>Adipose Tissue Biology</i>, scientists and clinicians speak about adipocyte precursors, differentiation and development, brown and white adipose tissue, gender, irritation, nutritional and genetic determinants of fats mass, including evolutionary and developmental features of adiposity.

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Mol Cell Biol 64:251–260 Wu J, Srinivasan SV, Neumann JC et al (2005) The KLF2 transcription factor does not affect the formation of preadipocytes but inhibits their differentiation into adipocytes. Biochemistry 44:11098–11105 Xie H, Lim B, Lodish HF (2009) MicroRNAs induced during adipogenesis that accelerate fat cell development are downregulated in obesity. Diabetes 58(5):1050–1057 Yagi K, Kondo D, Okazaki Y et al (2004) A novel preadipocyte cell line established from mouse adult mature adipocytes.

1985; Bouillaud et al. 1986). This has triggered a lot of ongoing efforts to scrutinize the molecular details of the unique heat dissipation mechanism. The final proof of concept that UCP1 is indeed essential for the thermogenic function of brown adipose tissue was delivered by the discovery that UCP1 knockout mice are cold sensitive (Enerback et al. 1997). UCP1 is exclusively found in brown adipocytes although recent evidence suggests low-level expression in thymocytes (Carroll et al.

The thermal conductance of the body is decreased to a minimum, and chemical thermoregulatory mechanisms are activated (Scholander et al. 1950a, b). The underlying thermogenic mechanisms are classically categorized as shivering and non-shivering thermogenesis. Shivering involves episodic or sustained vigorous contractions of antagonistic muscle fibers without efficient work output which cause an increased turnover of the myofibrilar ATP pool and thus heat dissipation. Non-shivering thermogenesis occurs in brown adipose tissue, a unique heater organ only found in mammals.

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