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By Susan Peabody

ISBN-10: 1587612399

ISBN-13: 9781587612398

A seminal paintings on dangerous and obsessive behaviors in love, and the way to alter habit to have a favorable courting. This 3rd version contains a new advent and revisions to the textual content throughout.
Some indicators of affection habit contain love first and foremost sight, over the top fantasizing, irregular jealousy, nagging, and accepting dishonesty.
Even relationships with mom and dad, young children, siblings, or associates might be addictive dependency isn't really constantly concerning romantic love.

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This seemed like a great way to promote my own recovery and at the same time offer other women the opportunity to turn their lives around. ” Armed with a teaching credential, a desire to be instrumental in helping others, and the support of all my friends, I approached the principal of a local adult school. He was very enthusiastic about the general subject matter of the course I wanted to teach, but he encouraged me not to limit myself to just the issues presented in Robin Norwood’s book. He also wanted me to allow men in my class.

Unfortunately, the end of one addictive relationship is not always the end of the love addict’s battle with this emotional problem. For many sufferers, this way of relating to others is a pattern in their lives, and when one addictive relationship ends another just begins. In time the resiliency of the person who loves addictively will decrease and their physical and emotional ailments will become life-threatening. They may even die. ” It is this phenomenon of “dying for love” which particularly validates Halpern’s and Peek’s assertion that obsessing about a person in the name of love is symptomatic of an addiction.

If you are a love addict, you are not alone. There is hope and there is recovery. If you have suffered enough, and are ready to make certain changes, you can follow in my footsteps and those of other recovering love addicts. You can have a brighter tomorrow. Introduction All addictions have one thing in common. In the beginning stages they are an attempt to control pleasure and pain by inducing experiences that (1) alleviate boredom; (2) promote a feeling of well-being; and (3) provide an escape from pain and sorrow.

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