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Download Addict In The Family: Stories of Loss, Hope, and Recovery. by Beverly Conyers PDF

By Beverly Conyers

ISBN-10: 156838999X

ISBN-13: 9781568389998

Witnessing the dependancy of a loved one or friend is a heart-rending adventure. yet desire can be triumphant, as proven during this compelling new publication. the following, the gripping tales of fathers, moms, sons, and daughters of addicts provide very important classes on loving, detachment, intervention, and self care.

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I wanted to kill myself. ” Lia, too, suffered deeply because of her addiction. She said: “One time I was in this halfway house and people were talking about prostitution, and I could not even envision it. Never in my wildest dreams. You know what I mean? It just was not in my vision.

Stories of theft, from the ten-dollar bill that disappears from someone’s wallet to jewelry and other valuables that wind up in pawnshops, are common in families of addicts. This activity often brings them to the attention of the local police. ” One addict described a profitable variation on common shoplifting: an item is stolen from a store and then returned for a cash refund. ” Prostitution is the last resort for some addicts and is especially painful for most parents to acknowledge. A father of a crack addict expressed the feelings of many parents when he said, “I felt dead inside when I found out.

I always wondered why ours was the only house that kept getting broken into,” she recalled. A mother of a crack addict kept her jewelry in a safe in the trunk of her car. “It was the only way I could think of to keep my daughter from stealing it,” she said. A father learned that his cocaine-addicted son had cleaned out the family checking account. “He’s not living with us anymore, but I still hide the credit cards and keep my checkbooks and financial papers at work now in case he stops by the house,” he told me.

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