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20 We like people better if they imitate us, and we imitate people more if we like them. 21 The best way for a waiter to increase his or her tips is simply to make sure to repeat the order back to the customer word for word. 22 Looking back at the mother-child narrative reported earlier, it is easy to see how in that case imitation, underpinned by nothing more cognitive than the contagious expression of feeling, plays a part in bringing about the emotional adjustment in the child's way of seeing things that leads to them jointly attending to the past in an harmonious way.

Heal is discussing cases quite different from those we are considering here. 20 Framing Narratives imitation and joint attention. But there are limits, as I have indicated, to the framing capacity of narratives: an issue that has been highlighted by recent work on the problem of imaginative resistance. I will argue that this problem is, at least in one of its guises, posed by the limitations on our capacity to adopt frameworks rather than by our capacity to imagine this or that element of the story's narrative content.

Mature humans also enjoy acts of joint attention, as with shared spectatorship. One reason this is attractive is that jointly attending to certain scenes has a tendency to bring about emotional harmony between the parties, and, since it is common knowledge between us that we are jointly attending, it may also be common knowledge that we are reacting in similar or complementary ways. That is how it is with Janet and John. Where this harmony cannot be established, as with spectators supporting different teams, tension is likely to result.

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