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By Phillip Z.

ISBN-10: 0894867229

ISBN-13: 9780894867224

What number folks have felt like Phillip Z? He has a staunch trust within the Twelve Steps, but struggles with the idea that of a better strength. In A Skeptic's consultant to the 12 Steps, the writer investigates all of the Twelve Steps to achieve a deeper realizing of a better strength. He examines what could seem like "unsettling" innovations to us together with surrendering one's will and lifestyles to God, and he encourages us to appreciate the religious trip of restoration regardless of our skepticism.

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I would use the techniques for a short while and then gradually forget to use them and within weeks return to my old eating habits. I had personally undergone psychotherapy several times over the years, both to address personal issues and because Page 4 of my work as a therapist. One issue I always worked on was my weight. The therapists I saw were excellent. Psychotherapy helped me a great deal with a number of issues apart from my weight. I was also able to gain insight and understanding into the underlying motivations for my weight problems, but no permanent changes came in that area.

When the speaker finished, others in the room took turns talking. Each person began by saying his or her name and then declaring he or she was a compulsive overeater. Then the group greeted the person by saying, "Hi," and the person's name. I thought this ritual was quite silly and childish. I felt embarrassed each time it was repeated. On each occasion, I remained silent. No praying! " No nothing! Some people spoke about their troubles with food and life situations, while others shared with excitement current successes in their lives.

When we are new to the program, the support and attention we feel from others, the safety of a structured eating plan, and the availability of meetings and phone contact often help us control our eating behavior. For some, these resources are not sufficient, and when they find themselves unable to follow a food plan they drop out of the program rather quickly. Others, despite difficulty establishing a pattern of abstinence, continue attending meetings hoping one day to become abstinent. Hearing and seeing the success of Page 24 other people provides encouragement, and so they remain involved with the program support system, hoping thereby to find the strength to control their urges to eat compulsively.

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