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By Alger F. Johns

ISBN-10: 094387274X

ISBN-13: 9780943872742

This usual grammar e-book of biblical Aramaic, utilized by scholars at many seminaries and universities, is the single one to incorporate graded routines on the shut of every of its twenty classes.

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3. Stative Forms: I n BA, as in BH, these are distinguished from the active forms in t h e simple conjugation. However, in BA they are restricted to the qatil type in t h e perfect, with no occurrences of the qatul type. This qatil type occurs with either _ or _ in the final syllable (see I H ) : i j p " t o pay homage ( t o ) ; " anpj " t o draw near; a p p r o a c h . " The characteristic vowel of the imperfect of the stative verbs is usually a: Vf^b"; " h e will be clothed," although the usual non-stative u also occurs, tip'; " h e will pay homage ( t o ) .

XBppi 3. : X-'n-n"? •'1 Krni3M xnaDn "wisdom and might are His" (Dan. 2:20). 4. Interrogative Pronouns: In BA there are two interrogative pronouns, -JO " w h o ? " and n a " w h a t ? " The interrogative pronoun is sometimes used as a relative, sometimes alone, but usually as a compound (indefinite) relative pronoun. " " W h a t e v e r " is less frequently expressed in BA by either na or n alone. The interrogative n a is also frequently compounded with various prepositions: n a ? " h o w ! " na"?

QVs s n a j xVpa^ D»p la-fe' i»a (3) aniiai "^"yv^b nnsaV -lax nV-na n V-n-naj p a i ^ i Vaa-q"?!? T . a ian an^ xjair^ aVs^ ao ann ne^Nii ^C!?? a DV^ IV^JI x-'p-'Va D/'PI nm Vaa sna (5) (e) NaVa> nynin'? xntt^pi nV-jnii jay •'T xaVa-ia nsa Vs'jni (7) 37 LESSON IX T H E PASSIVE A N D R E F L E X I V E C O N J U G A T I O N S 1. 77ie Passive Conjugations: In BA there are two passive conjugations, Peil and Hophal. The Peil also occurs in Imperial Aramaic. It is apparently nothing more nor less than the Peal Passive Participle to which finite endings have been added.

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