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The operation by which a'liquid body comnlUnicates that state to any other body, whatever is its nature. 'rbe dissolution is also called solut£orz. Any body which disappears in "vater or some other liquid, without destroying its transparency, is soluble, and the liq uid which contains it is called a dissolution. In this state -the body has not lost its prilnitive properties. Sugar,rlissolved in water, has l\lA~IPtJLATIONS. 43 the same sweet taste which characterized it \vhen solid. Water is a precious sol vent in the sense that bodies dissolved in it retain their properties.

An artificial camphor is manufactured by passing a slow current of hydrochloric acid gas through spirit of turpentine, kept at a low ternperature. The gas is absorbed, and, after'a certain tirne, a white Stl bstance, having the odor of camphor, is deposited. 'fhis Stl bstance is the chlor~ hydrate of camphene, or artijicia l camphor. Camphor is used in perfumery to flavor soaps~ tooth po\vders, sachets, and other preparations. 7 74 THE MOST USUAIJ PERFU~MES. Wood and Resin oj Aloes. This very odoriferous wood is irnported from China and the island of Socotora.

It is 68 THE ~IOST· USUAL PERFUMES. principally when reduced to po\vder, and mixed with some other substances, that myrrh exhales a most agreeable odor. This gum resin is tonic, antiperiodic, and bal· samic; it enters into several pharmaceutical preparations. Sacred history teaches us that East· ern nations looked on myrrh as one of the most precious productions of the earth. In Moses' time and before, it was burned on altars, mixed with benzoin. Myrrh was one of the presents brought by the three kings to Christ at the time of his birth.

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