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By Karl Popper, David Miller

ISBN-10: 0006861474

ISBN-13: 9780006861478

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Of Li\ Na\ K+, and Mi+ in dilute chloride solutions. 91 (b) Estimate the term A in the following equation that relates the solvation numbers of the ions in the chloride salts based on their transport numbers (cf. Eq. 17 in textbook): M +A 2. 139) Use the values of (Vs)+ and (Vs). 6 in the textbook. (Xu) Answer: (a) Using the Eq. 41 (b) Comparing Eq. 16) in the textbook with Eq. 12. 39 are independent of concentration. • for (a) LiCI and (b) MgClz. 38. 0. 143) Substituting this equation in the equation that relates the solvation numbers of the ions in salts based on their transport numbers (cf.

There is a good agreement between (VI )m~O and VwaterLimiting case II: m 7 sat, o V NaCl MW Nael V2 7 VONaC! 02702 dm This value is shown in Fig. 5. 5molkg- cm 3 morl. 56 (1-~)' where c is the electrolyte concentration in e ~o mol dm-3 , P is the compressibility of the electrolyte, and Po the compressibility of the pure solvent. (b) The compressibility values of LiCI, NaCI, KCI and MgCh solutions are given in the table below. 65xl0-6 bar-I. Calculate the total solvation number of these electrolytes.

65xl0-6 bar-I. Calculate the total solvation number of these electrolytes. (Cf. 88 Answer: (a) The volume of an aqueous solution can be divided into two parts according to its compressibility: a compressible volume and an incompressible volume. The incompressible volume, v, consists of the volume of water molecules that are in the primary shell. " and e is the concentration of ions in mol litef 1, then, the total number of water molecules in the primary shell is ens. Thus, the incompressible volume of water is v = Vo en s' where Vo is the molar volume of water.

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