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By Basil Davidson

ISBN-10: 0582603404

ISBN-13: 9780582603400

This article is designed for college kids getting ready for O point background, supplying an exam of a few of the foremost developments and occasions in West African background from advert 1000-1800.

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N e w states emerged. A r o u n d 1400 the S u s u people, for example, formed a state i n the F u t a J a l l o n , the h i l l region that lies i n the centreof the modern republic of G u i n e a . Other S u s u afterwards moved d o w n to the coast where most of their descendants live now, w h i l e a branch of the F u l a n i w o n control of F u t a Jallon, r e m a i n i n g there to the present. Others took the same route. I n Sierra L e o n e , partly by migration from outside the area, new states began to be formed by the B u l o m , T e m n e and M e n d e peoples o n either side of the Scarcies River.

T h e y show how these coastal peoples, having l o n g had trade with the inland country, n o w found new and useful partners from the sea. T h e y also indicate that these peoples were well able to defend themselves. Pereira says that the B u l o m of Sierra L e o n e , for example, were 'a warlike people', who dealt i n gold, w h i c h they bought from the traders of the empire of M a l i i n exchange for salt, and w h i c h they now sold to the Portuguese for brass rings, large metal basins, and cotton goods.

H i s chiefs and generals retreated to T a k r u r , where they and their successors continued to rule for many years. 1 Sumanguru's defeat opened a new chapter i n history. For the little state of K a n g a b a was the heart and core of the future empire of M a l i . It was to be the M a n d i n k a people who w o u l d now bring peace and order to wide regions of the Western Sudan. See map ori page 35. 4S 44 W E S T E R N R E G I O N II S u m a n g u r u had mastered K u m b i and the m a i n caravan routes, it was w i t h h i m and his agents that the M a n d i n k a of Kangaba had to conduct CHAPTER their business.

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