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Download A Hard Woman to Kill (DI Hanlon, Book 3) by Alex Howard PDF

By Alex Howard

ISBN-10: 1784971049

ISBN-13: 9781784971045

Chechnya: an incorruptible safety officer is assassinated. Berlin: a small baby grieves for his father. within the East : an overweight psychopath units his ft at the first rungs of his legal profession. A nervous Russian girl seeks DCI Hanlon's assist in discovering her lacking husband. Hanlon's now not a fan of the case, till she hears a reputation she acknowledges purely too good. Arkady Belanov, sadistic pimp and proprietor of an particular brothel in Oxford. whilst DI Enver Demirel, her former associate and pal, disappears, Hanlon is compelled into an uneasy alliance with the London underworld to rescue him from the blood-stained arms of the Russian mafia.

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