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By C. L. Seow

A transparent web page by means of web page black and white test of Seow's grammar.

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00 maqrala(h) This system allows us to make generalizations about word patterns. For instance, qatal and yiqtol are verb patterns indicating different aspects of a verb, the qotel pattern indicates a participle, the form with the -ut ending indicates an abstract noun, and so forth. c. "l f"? r:::i ,,w II-Yoq. O Roots having the same kinds of radicals tend to behave the same way. It is helpful, therefore, to classify roots according to their types. To do this, it is convenient to refer to the first radical as I, the second radical as I I, and the third radical as I I I.

7 self niliN lands T-: ! ,,~) lad; 1,~~ lord). 42 I Lesson V b. •·· vow ,,,J~ herds vows C'1~~ graves • T! W report). c. * qot/ (originally *qu#) new moon ,~~ mornmg w,fr... :"IN tents " TT: Notes: 1. The singular of this type is q6tel, but the presence of a guttural may draw a pd[ab in the second syllable (n1ft path). II. The plural is usually qotiilim I qotalot, but the qetalim I qetalot type is also attested. It is clear, then, that the plurals of segolates are formed the same way. Apart from the qotiilim/qotiilot plurals (always from *qot/ segolates), it is quite impossible to distinguish the various classes from the plural forms alone.

More often than not, however, only two of the three radicals are graphically represented, as in ::27 (heart), the root of which is also ::i::i,. Most geminate nouns with endings are not difficult to recognize, even when the third radical is not actually repeated, because the gemination is ordinarily indicated by a strong diiges (indicating doubling). Thus the plural ni::17 is almost as easily identified as being related to the root :::i:J, as the form ni:::i;7. i, note). Plural C'l'p~ peoples Singular Study the following types of geminate nouns.

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