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By Stanton Peele

ISBN-10: 0307419630

ISBN-13: 9780307419637

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In simple terms the very infrequent between us are thoroughly unscathed via the results of dependancy - our personal, that of a loved one, pal, or coworker. Even the addictions of strangers - from the inebriated motive force or drug addict, to playing, foodstuff, spending, or violence-addicted humans - might topic us to hazards, threaten our future health, and drain cash from our wallet.

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That’s a generalization I’ve been brought up with . . ”6 Combining Glassner and Berg’s research with studies of other low-alcoholism cultures, such as Chinese, Greek, Italian, and Spanish, we can extract the following values taught by low-alcoholism cultures and groups: Drinking is accepted but is socially governed, and people are taught to behave within clear boundaries. People are taught to identify good and bad styles of drinking, to place a high value on drinking properly, and to disapprove of bad drinking styles.

Naltrexone is also used as a cure for heroin addiction. 19 Addiction will never be cured by a pill. Indeed, when you understand addiction, the idea of a pill for curing it makes no sense. That is because addiction results when people’s lives are unbalanced. It cannot be remedied by a pill, just as a pill cannot balance people’s lives. But people, including you, can achieve remission by creating the fundamental building blocks that form nonaddicted lives. This book will provide readers with these basic building blocks, which can be regarded as tools to overcome addiction.

The answer, we will see, does not involve a magic bullet. Rather, we all understand what the building blocks for living are, what it takes to lead a full and satisfying life. The same building blocks are needed to overcome addiction, whether on your own or through treatment. Only we have been intimidated from focusing on them by the idea that addiction is a special medical condition that, say Leshner and other researchers who approach addiction as he does, we will one day have a drug to cure. Major interest was aroused by the publication (in December 2001) in the New England Journal of Medicine of a study that examined alcoholics given the one drug approved for treating alcoholism in the last twenty years—naltrexone.

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