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By James Ward Lee, Carolyn N. Barnes, Kent A. Bowman, Laura Crow, Ann Richards

ISBN-10: 0929398297

ISBN-13: 9780929398297

In 1941, while the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the USA stumbled on itself in a complete warfare, the folks of Texas rallied to the battle attempt. women and men rushed to affix the defense force. those that remained behind—men, girls, and children—were infantrymen at the domestic entrance: They rolled bandages, noticed plane, knowledgeable for air raids, stuffed jobs left vacant by way of provider males, accrued scrap scrimped and kept and obtained by means of with rationed sugar, meat, sneakers, tires, and fuel. Texas grew to become a middle for education and equipping the best warfare computing device the realm had ever seen.

World battle II replaced Texas from oil and farm animals and cotton to and agribusiness.The expertise that grew out of the war—radar, tv, jet plane, air con for the masses—made a Texas that had no longer been imagined earlier than 1941. And the Texans themselves replaced, as they left the kingdom for remote places and for different elements of the U.S.. They left the rustic for town to paintings in and so much may by no means go back to the farm other than in retirement years.

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1941: Texas goes to war

In 1941, whilst the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the us came upon itself in a complete conflict, the folk of Texas rallied to the warfare attempt. women and men rushed to affix the militia. those that remained behind—men, ladies, and children—were infantrymen at the domestic entrance: They rolled bandages, noticed airplane, knowledgeable for air raids, crammed jobs left vacant through carrier males, gathered scrap scrimped and kept and obtained by means of with rationed sugar, meat, footwear, tires, and gasoline.

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Texas had just celebrated its centennial. In the memory of some older Texans, the state was still a place where farmers plowed with mules, wore guns on the streets, and recalled Comanche raids as if they were yesterday. On December 7, 1941, all that changed. Texas Goes to War is a wonderful exercise in nostalgia, but it is much more than that. I would call the collection "an indispensable form of human self-knowledge," to borrow a phrase from the historian Simon Schama. Writing in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Schama paraphrases the Roman poet Horace who, in Schama's words, "wrote that a people without history remains locked in the mentality of an infant who knows neither whence he came nor whither he will go.

Before the war there were no aluminum beer cans, no aerosol sprays, no permanent press. If you wanted a quart of milk, you either milked it from the cow, had it delivered by the milkman, or bought pints or quarts at the neighborhood groceryin glass bottles. The plastic jug had not been invented. Nor had the waxed paper box to hold orange juice, soft drinks, or wine. And that land-fill abomination, the throwaway glass bottle, was still years away. Eating out before the war almost always meant dining in a one-of-a-kind cafe or restaurant that cooked its food fresh.

Texans rallied around the "Mother Country" by sending packages for the besieged nation and by offering homes far from the war for English refugee children. Page 8 Although Britain had thwarted Hitler's invasion plans and broken the German secret code, the country needed more help in her battle to remain free from Nazism, so in a secret deal Roosevelt sent fifty outdated and mothballed destroyers across the Atlantic. It was becoming clear to Texans, as their newspapers and radios proclaimed, that we were drawing ever closer to joining Britain in the fight against the Nazi menace.

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